The future of Smart Localization

First I would like to thank the whole community for all the great response and feedback we’ve gotten; this is what keeps us working on and improving the plugin :)

Going forward
Soon we will be launching a PRO version of Smart Localization on the asset store. We do not have a date yet but it should be out this year :)

FREE version
The free version will continue to get updated with new features and stability fixed. Our goal is to continue with the free version as we have been and hopefully being able to devote more time to it. Nothing will get removed from the free version and we do want the free version to be adequate for most small teams and even bigger ones. The pro version will be aimed at improving  productivity and flexibility of the plugin.

PRO version
The pro version will get more advanced features that improves the speed and convenience of the plugin. Some examples include Google Sheets, multi language editing window and hot loading CSV files from the file system.

We would love to know what you guys think about all this.

Comment below or head over to our unity3D forum post here.

// Jakob(@zuric) Niklas(@niklasborglund)

Posted on October 26, 2014 .