Appending and changing language data at runtime in Smart Localization

Waiting 6-10 working days for an approval to one of the app stores can be a tedious process - especially if you only want to do something like a minor update in a translation.

One way to circumvent this and push translations directly into your published game would be to create a system to store updates on a server and then checking if there’s an update at a timed interval in your game.

If you are a developer with a solution similar to the one described - we have the following methods that you can use to add/update your translations into the Smart Localization system.

Both of these methods are available in the LanguageManager class and they only take in data in the .resx format.

void ChangeLanguageWithData(string languageDataInResX, string languageCode);

This method clears the currently loaded language from the system and loads a new one with the specified .resx data and the accompanied language code.

bool AppendLanguageWithTextData(string languageDataInResX);

Append Language with Text Data takes the data in the resx data and appends it to your currently loaded language. If there’s duplicate keys, the new one will be chosen.

Posted on December 23, 2015 and filed under Smart Localization.