Changelog 2.4.4

  • Fix XLS Bulk import issue on mac when using RTL languages in edge columns
  • Add newline conversions in microsoft translator to preserve them in the response

Changelog 2.4.3

  •  Fix issue where the root window didn't open when the edit root button was pressed in unity 5.3.5.
  •  Add SetDirty flag in LocalizedTextInspector when Use Key is pressed

Changelog 2.4.2

  • Fix issue where editor window didn't load correctly until a restart
  • Fix issue where the translate window didn't open when the Translate button was pressed.

Changelog 2.4.1

  • Unity 5.4 support
  • Fix issue with xls support on OSX
  • Add extra code documentation for LanguageManager.Instance.
  • Minor fixes.

Changelog 2.4.0


  • Increased stability
  • Unity 5.3 support
  • Unity 4.7 support
  • String extensions for easier use "myKey".Localize()
  • Fix bug where prefabs sometimes weren't stored properly
  • Fix issue with delimiters in CSV exporter
  • Fix XLS issue with some versions of office (PRO only)

Changelog 2.3.0


  • Added localised font files (PRO only)
  • Improved csv parsing
  • Changed store presence generator to work with Unity 5.2
  • Updated compatibility issues for Unity 5.2
  • Minor bug fixes

Changelog 2.2.1


  • Fixed some incompatibility issues with Unity 5
  • Fixed IO sharing violation on google store presence
  • Improved key/value searching in the editor windows
  • Fixed issue where you couldn't add zh-CHT to your project
  • Minor bug fixes

Changelog 2.2.0


  • Bulk import/export to and from .csv and .xls (PRO)
  • File watcher that reloads csv/xls files in real time (PRO)
  • Plural support (PRO)
  • Added Unity 5 support
  • Removed automatic AudioSource inspector override for localized audio
  • Minor bug fixes

Changelog 2.1005


  •  Fixed VerificationException issues with the Web Player platform
  •  Fixed issue with texture settings not being applied on localized textures


Changelog 2.1004


  •  Updated the android store presence with correct folder names (e.g. sv-rSV instead of sv-SV)
  •  Added a method to append data to the loaded language in language manager
  •  Added a method to load a language with custom .resx data in the language manager
  •  Updated the Inspector Scripts for GUIText, GUITexture and AudioSource to use GetComponent
  • Added Klingon in the available languages
  • Added a helper class for uGUI Labels


Changelog 2.1003

  • Fixed duplicate key error when having the same type
  • Updated SmartCultureInfo to contain IsRightToLeft boolean
  • Added a version number in SmartCultureInfoCollection to enable automatic updates to the all cultures file.

Changelog 2.1002

  • Fixed GUI issue when pressing "Copy Root" button
  • Fixed GUI issue when textfield remained in focus for too long.

Changelog 2.1

  • Completely Remodeled GUI
  • Resizeable column widths in translation and root editing
  • The TranslationWindow is now available in play mode.
  • Added different sorting types in translation window(KEY, VALUE, TYPE)
  • Added the possibility to search by value.
  • Removed the usage of XMLSerializer to make Smart Localization work with all iOS stripping levels.
  • Fixed WP8/Win8 Serialization issue at.
  • Added button to convert \n to line breaks in editor windows.
  • Added more informative error handling with the Microsoft Translator
  • Fixed bug with Microsoft Translation Access Token Expiration
  • Fixed issue with multiple LanguageManagers in scene when used in editor.

Changelog 2.005

  • Added Beta version of automatically detecting localized languages in Google Play Store and App Store.
  • Added CSV-Update functionality and window

Changelog 2.004

  • Made fix for event issue when changing language on iOS (JIT-Compile issue)
  • Fixed multiline issue for text lines in the translate window
  • Fixed multiline issue in CSV Import/Export

Changelog 2.003

  • Removed forbidden methods by windows store
  • Fixed a bug where the languagemanager reinitialized when app was quitting
  • Added LanguageManager.SetDontDestroyOnLoad Option

Changelog 2.002

  • Created fixes for WP8. The plugin is now compatible with WP8
  • Removed default error logging and replaced it with the option to enable it again with LanguageManager.VerboseLogging
  • Added LanguageManager.HasKey(string key) method.
  • Version 2.0 will create a completely new workspace. 
  • It will mostly work as the previous versions, but it got some structural changes.
  •  Completely reworked the base for increased stability
  •  Re-written automatic translator for increased stability
  •  CSV Import & Export.
  •  Moved away from .NET CultureInfo to own class (SmartCultureInfo) to make Smart Localization accessible to more platforms
  • Moved the classes into the SmartLocalization namespace and the SmartLocalization.Editor namespace.
  •  Better undo support